WWS June 2017 – Field Trip!

Field Trip to Great Grapes! & nature themed music

For June we gathered as many of our podcasters as were available and took a field trip to the Great Grapes! Wine & Food Festival. This was a new and exciting project for us and if there’s a bit more background noise or leveling issues than our usual podcasts – we apologize.

Since Great Grapes! is a festival that focuses on Maryland wines, we switched up the format a bit – and super-sized it (4 wines!). Page Stroup, Heather Lockard-Wheeler, Kimberly Christie, Annie Gill, Megan Dimmock, and Gabrielle DeMers were all able to make it on June 3 for their ‘assignment’. I paired them up, gave them a budget and a brown paper bag, and asked them to go and taste for a couple of hours and return with their Maryland wine for the rest of us to taste. (Megan & Page were assigned to explore the VIP experience – listen to see if it was any different/better.)

We returned and got down to tasting their favorites while we listened to selections from each of them – all on the chosen them of nature. (We were sitting out in the midst of it on a lovely early summer day after all.)

In addition to the music and the wine, we talked about Maryland as a wine region, compared too sweet wines to too many ‘sweet’ operas – and no Limoncello to try and steal the cheese! Join us for another podcast full of hearty laughs, wine, voices – and this month… nature!

Wine Selections this month:

Knob Hall Winery Vidal Blanc Reserve 2013

Royal Rabbit Vineyards La Châtelaine’s Blush 2015

Knob Hall Winery Petit Verot 2013

Solomons Island Winery Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc