About Us

Years ago I contemplated starting a blog with this theme to discuss and share three of the things that bring me the most pleasure in life:

Wine – I am fortunate enough that one of my careersĀ has among its many duties – to taste & evaluate wine with the purpose of maintaining a restaurant and events wine list, to facilitate a wine education series, as well as run an annual wine tasting fundraiser. I’m sure there are some that would call me a connoisseur, but I prefer to think of myself as an educated enthusiast.

Women – While a female friend once described me as a ‘dating machine’ and my wife once avoided me because another friend had described me on his blog as ‘good with women’, the truth is I have built a great rapport with the women I’ve gone to school, worked, and otherwise encountered – and I value their opinions.

Song – My other careerĀ is that of a professional singer. While my mother has enjoyed interpreting the cries at my baptism as my first singing, the simple truth is that I don’t remember a time when music, and in particular singing wasn’t a part of my everyday life. Song – in all it’s varied formats still resonates most deeply with me.

And so my wife, some of our friends, and I are embarking on this podcast journey – Wine, Women, & Song.

– J